This beech desk may well be my favourite project of the last year to come out of the Wharfedale Workshop.

Made from solid white beech it has a rounded front top and rounded front legs with a contrasting squared back as it fits up against a wall. The top is made of 7 separate planks of beech 30mm thick joined together and the legs are 75mm square; as such this is a very solid desk! It was made from 2 x 3 inch slabs or waney edge white beech from Duffields Timber.

The underside of the top contains a routed out pocket for a wireless phone charger which is completely invisible from the top. A double monitor stand fits directly into the top and a shelf holds a PC tower unit in between the left hand legs. It has been finished with 3 coats of OSMO 3032 and looks absolutely fantastic. Hats off to its maker, Jason.

This oak stool/bench was made by a student on the Monday projects class. Their first build following the introductory course, the top was upholstered by Waltons in Ilkley to match other furniture in the room.

This “treasure chest” was made by a pupil – out of Douglas Fir with a walnut piston fit upper tray and a lower section with walnut supports for the upper shelf. We really like the contrasting dovetails which look great with this wood. The internal tray is still to be finished but we think the pirate-style corners, catch and handles really work despite the fact that the rest of us in the workshop thought that it would look a bit odd! Sadly it is going to be used to contain art materials rather than pieces of eight….. Its maker is a very talented artist.

This small keepsake box out of oak with walnut splines in the miters has been a nice way to use up some offcuts. Pretty easy to make as well.

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